• She sent him to an early meeting with his maker, sorry bro!! >> All Choked Up
  • She is fit and moves swiftly, I can't get enough of her videos as she takes more men down! >> Mashana In Charge
  • He attacks her from behind but she still sends him to the floor! Super skilled Mashana! >> Oh! Snap
  • @BoldButterfly Lol, he wasn't prepared for what he got. I love her splits >> Harder They Fall
  • Can we get more of this? I love her energy and looks. Her every move is a hit. >> Mashana In Charge
  • You are the real bad guy, girl! Hahaha... >> All Choked Up
  • Attacking from the back, nice!! >> Pain in the Neck
  • @BoldButterfly She's really good at what she does. She's another fighter I admire. >> Oh! Snap
  • Wow... Mashana fought for herself and taught these men a lesson. I just can't get enough of this... >> Three Ways To Die
  • Wow! I'm screaming. She killed every move. @BoldButterfly I agree I can't enough of it. What an... >> Three Ways To Die
  • Nice fight... He didn't see you coming lol... >> Pain in the Neck
  • He should have known better...awesome fight! >> Harder They Fall
  • She should be called mashana the smasher! >> Three Ways To Die
  • Mashana is the best. She gave wt they deserve. I loved this >> Three Ways To Die
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